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What Should I Do With My Inserts?
What Should I Do With My Inserts?

What are pulp trays and how can I use them?

Updated over a week ago

We are pretty proud of our inserts - they were specially created to keep your wine safe during their journey to you. 

  • We have sourced the best packaging on the planet to ensure the integrity and safety of your wine

  • Our inserts are compostable and recyclable in many cities, and even can be dropped off at most London Drugs locations

  • Our couriers ensure the safety of your wine/beer because of this preferred packaging that can best withstand our climate and long-distance transit

If you are not able to recycle your inserts in your local community, we have great re-use ideas:

  • Build a cellar by stacking your inserts on their sides (yes, we have members that have done this!)

  • Keep a couple in your car at all times for safe transport from the liquor shop

  • Use for travel - great in your suitcase

  • They make great building blocks for kids (and adults) to create epic forts (please send us your photos if you do)

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