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What Is A QR Code? How Do I Use It?
What Is A QR Code? How Do I Use It?

The black and white code stamps in our new Monthly Wine Guide are QR codes, each one holds a unique link to our online wine profiles.

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In our efforts to enhance the experience we offer to our members, and to reduce our environmental impact, we launched our upgraded monthly Wine Guide just before our 10th birthday. This guide displays all of the amazing wines that we are featuring for that particular month, along with the QR codes for each wine so that you can easily access the online profile for each feature, and shop for your favourites. The online wine profiles include everything the old tasting cards did - reviews, history, tasting notes, food pairing suggestions -  but with so much more! Find interviews with winemakers, videos, recipes, and more, all with the simple scan of a QR code! 

The QR codes look like this: 

To use the QR code, simply hold your phone up to the code with the camera app (iPhone) or QR code app (Android) open. Your device will sense the QR code and you will be able to open the link to the wine's online profile. Each QR code holds an individual link, so each wine has its own unique QR code. 

Watch this video to see how QR Codes streamline your WineCollective experience!

Have an Android? Simply search the Google Play Store and choose from a large amount of free QR code scanners available to download. 

Have questions? Please get in touch with us!

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