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How/When will My Gift Recipient Be Notified?
How/When will My Gift Recipient Be Notified?

Why do you need the recipient's email? This is a surprise! Will they find out right away?

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When making the purchase, you can choose to include a personalized message for the gift recipient in their Welcome Email. Additionally, you can select a date in the month before their first package arrives for the delivery of their welcome email by selecting the calendar icon. To minimize confusion, we want your recipient to be aware of their amazing gift before they receive notice of an upcoming delivery.

Did your recipient not receive the email? Sometimes it will be found in their spam or junk folder, depending on their email settings.ย 

The first email that your recipient will receive is a "Heads Up" email on the 1st of the upcoming month. This email notifies the recipient that we are preparing their order and when they should expect the delivery, allowing them time to update their address or delay their shipment if they won't be available.

All tracking information is sent to the purchaser so please ensure that you are forwarding any tracking information to your recipient so they can monitor their delivery.

Holiday Gifts and Mother's Day gifts have a PDF file for a Gift Letter included in your confirmation email that can be printed and wrapped or downloaded for emailing.

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