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What's the difference between a gift purchase and a subscription purchase?
What's the difference between a gift purchase and a subscription purchase?
Updated over a week ago

Thanks for your interest in Canada Craft Club! We'd be happy to clarify the difference between our package options.

We have two main options our gift options and our subscription options.

With our gifts, you select the number of months you would like your gift recipient to receive a package and you pay for all of the shipments in advance. Upon completion of your gift purchase, an account is automatically created for your recipient using the email address entered during sign-up, so they will have a separate account from the purchaser. All notifications of upcoming shipments is then sent to the gift recipient as opposed to the purchaser so they can coordinate to be available for their deliveries. They will also receive 20% off retail prices in our online store for as long as their gift is active. Once the last package has shipped, the gift is considered complete and there is no need to cancel.

With our subscriptions, it is ongoing with payments processed on the 5th of each month for that month's package (for example, you would be charged on May 5th for the May package arriving at the end of May, and your next bill date would be June 5th for the June package arriving late-June, etc.). The packages will continue to arrive on a monthly basis until you choose to cancel. Please note that only one email can be associated with your account. Any communication regarding future shipments will be sent to this email, and the store discount can only be applied to the email on record.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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