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How Fresh is the Beer Each Month?
How Fresh is the Beer Each Month?

How do I know I will receive fresh beer?

Updated over a week ago

We check our bottle dates and best before dates (BBD) as we receive beers. We try to ensure that all beer is as fresh as we can get our hands on it! Knowing the transit time and processing through liquor boards, we have to work quickly to ensure we are sending you only the best. We do time our beer packages so that the beer comes in and is out the door in 2 - 3 weeks, and we do store it at a cool temperature.

While some beer styles benefit from being consumed as close to the brew date as possible, others (especially those shipped to export markets) are by design able to last longer. Cans also help as they are protected from light.

We take this quite seriously and understand the importance of bringing you fresh brews, and definitely respect that this is important. Our team tries to ensure that we are only delivering the best quality, and we will be happy to do further research on any beers if you think there are issues.

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