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What if I don't Like the Beers I Receive?
What if I don't Like the Beers I Receive?

I only like certain kinds of beers.

Updated over a week ago

We select beers that we hope will appeal to everyone. We want to provide a wide variety of beer types and styles from different breweries and regions.

We pick beers seasonally, so you can expect more light and zesty brews in the warmer months, and darker, richer beers in the fall and winter.

We hope that you enjoy trying new beers, maybe even some that you would never buy yourself! Canada Craft Club is a beer journey; a new experience each month where you can explore stellar, solid brews that are tried and true, as well as the wacky kinds that are a bit more unusual.

We, of course, appreciate any and all feedback, so let us know if there are beers you LOVE or liked just a little. Please also keep in mind that you can rate each beer you receive in your online Canada Craft Club account to help our procurement team with future selections.

If you are looking for something specific, be sure to check out the members-only store where you can shop for your own preferences.

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