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My Beer Arrived Damaged, Now What?
My Beer Arrived Damaged, Now What?

My beers was damaged during shipping

Updated over a week ago

It's rare but occasionally some of our wonderful beers may leak, freeze, or otherwise become damaged during shipping across this huge country of ours.

If any of your brews arrive damaged, please contact us at within 30 days of getting your package and let us know what happened.

  • If you’re a current subscriber, we will send you a Canada Craft Club gift card for the retail value of the damaged can(s) which can either be used in our online store or towards the purchase of a new gift or subscription - whichever you prefer!

  • If you’re not a current subscriber but are receiving monthly deliveries as part of a gift package, we'll be glad to either send a replacement package of the cans that were damaged or a gift card for the value of the package if you'd prefer. That way you can purchase beers from our store at your leisure.

Please note, that we can only replace/credit damaged products that are reported within 30 days of you receiving your shipment.

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