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My wine tastes off
My wine tastes off
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If your cork-sealed wine tastes off, it may be affected by cork taint (also referred to as being “corked”). Cork taint is a rare wine fault that occurs when wine comes into contact with wood tainted by 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole (TCA) during the bottling process, resulting in an aroma and taste that is often described as being “musty” or “like wet cardboard”. Unfortunately, cork taint is impossible to detect until a wine bottle has been opened.

If one of your wines is corked, or if you suspect another type of wine fault, please contact us within 30 days of getting your package and let us know what happened. Do not contact the wine manufacturer directly.

Once you’ve let us know, one of two things will happen; If you’re a current subscriber, we will apply a credit for the retail value of the defective wine to towards the price of your next shipment. If you’re not a current subscriber but have received a Kwäf shipment as a gift, we'll be glad to send you a new shipment to replace the affected bottle(s).

Please note, we can only replace/credit corked or defective bottles that are reported within 30 days of you receiving your shipment.

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