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How does this thing work?!?
How does this thing work?!?
Written by Eric
Updated over a week ago

What happens when I register for a Bladebinge account?

  • Bladebinge registered users are able to access our messaging, bio, purchase updates and ratings features when you sign up! Have questions about a knife or product you see? You'll need to be registered to reach out to that seller. Earn a 5-Star rating on your transaction? You're eligible for our 5-Star giveaway!

Do I need an account to make a purchase?

  • Not at all. You see something you like? Our guest checkout is secure and easy!

  • Email only order confirmations and delivery updates will be sent every step of the way!

What happens when I sell my knife on Bladebinge?

  • When you list your knife for sale and someone makes the purchase, the sale will show in the “Sales” tab on your account page. You’ll also receive an email notification confirming funds are in! From there you’ll be able to purchase and print the label if you have opted for free shipping or can print the label purchased by your customer if you did not list with free shipping. Seller purchased labels are deducted from seller payout.

  • Once the knife is shipped and receives a scan from the carrier, your payment is scheduled! You’ll get an email notification of this with the exact payout amount. You’ll also be able to see this update on the "Sales" tab on your account page. All tracking updates are posted here as well with a link to the carrier tracking page!

  • Once your payment is scheduled, it will be deposited into your account on file within two-three business days.

  • Buyers and yourself can then rate the transaction on the platform!

Easy right?

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