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The Bladebinge marketplace is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to sell knives on the secondary. Here are a few things you'll want to know before diving in!

Creating an Account

  • Creating a Bladebinge account is the first step to start selling! Having issues verifying your email? Hit us up at and we'll get you taken care of!

  • You'll want to add your address to the "Address Book" on your account page. No personal information is fully visible to other users. We only show city and state to give an idea of ship times after a purchase is made.

Link a Payout Account

  • We've got to have a way to pay you! We onboard our sellers through the ID verification and bank link platform "Plaid". Ever used Venmo? Exact same thing...

  • Most banks can link in just a few minutes, but some banks require a micro deposit verification which can take up to 48 hours.

  • Payments can also be sent to PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp accounts via their direct deposit feature. We've included a walkthrough of that process on your "account" page.

  • This way when buyers pay us for your knife, we have a safe and secure way to pay you for the sale!

Listing Your Knife

  • The first page of our listing form is where you'll create a title for your listing. You'll also be able to set a description pointing out any details that a potential buyer would want to know (any wear and tear, mods...that sort of stuff). You'll add in your price and wether or not you're going to offer free shipping to the buyer. Shipping costs are deducted from seller payout for knives sold with free shipping.

  • Page two of our listing form is where you'll get into the specifics. Knife Category, Knife Brand, Lock Type, Deployment Method, Handle Material, Blade Length, Blade Steel will all be included in this section. Don't see something specific to your knife? Each field has an "Other" option that will allow you to move forward. We are always updating the platform with new info!

  • Next up are pictures! The website works best when square (1:1) ratio images are uploaded. This will eliminate the need to crop your images. You can upload up to 20 images on the platform. Clear and crisp images paired with a good price make for an easy sale!

  • Next is the publish page! Once you're satisfied with the preview of your listing, you're ready to go live. Select "Publish" and your knife will be live on our marketplace!

You Made a Sale!

  • When your knife sells, you'll receive a sales confirmation email. This means that we've successfully secured funds from the buyer and you're good to ship!

  • Head over to the "Sales" tab on your account and your new sale should show "Awaiting Shipment".

  • All knife sales must be shipped through the shipping service hosted on the platform. Your payout is associated with your shipping label, so once it's scanned in by the carrier, we schedule your payment! Funds typically post to the account on file in 2-4 business days. If a knife is shipped privately, our system doesn't know to pay you!

  • Sellers are given 3 business days to ship after an order is placed.

  • If you do not receive a payment scheduled email by next business day after scanning in your package, please email and we'll make sure everything is good to go!

International Order

  • Our platform is open to international buyers. Our shipping platform pre-fills international paperwork so that's it's ready to go when a sale is made. Once the label is scanned in, the seller has met the obligation to the order. Bladebinge will handle any customs or logistics issues as they arise.

Negotiating Price

  • Oftentimes users will reach out to sellers via private message asking for a lower price. If you come to an agreement, just hop in the "Listings" tab on your account and edit the price of the knife. You'll need to click through the remaining listing forms for the knife to publish at the updated price.

Cross Posting

  • We understand that there are several options to sell knives online in addition to Bladebinge. We ask that if you have a knife listed on Bladebinge that sells on another platform, promptly cancel your Bladebinge listing. Overselling knives can cause a very negative buyer experience and poor seller ratings.


  • We encourage all sellers to ask for feedback to boost their 5 star ratings! This helps website visitors order from you with confidence!

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