We are more than happy to help your CAD provider integrate with Blazemark. You should let your provider know that you are interested -- might help light a fire under them ;-).

(Let us know too, as the more clamors there are for this integration feature, the more value the CAD providers will see in expending the development effort on their product.)

If you look on your org page, you will see a mini section on a "lookup" URL that makes it easy for CAD folks like Active911 to send you a BZ link as part of the CAD dispatch message, or put a link on the mobile device.

https://sbf.blazemark.com/lookup?address=123 Main St, Anytown, PA 01776 

After 'address=' add a valid address that Google would find:

  • 410 E Walnut St #1,10, Perkasie, PA 18944

  • Free Will Brewing, Perkasie, PA

  • 40.365492, -75.288021

You can see how it works by creating some fun tests using your own preplan data.

In the Vicinity

When the dispatch is to a location where there is not an nearby preplan, then you will se something like this to at least give you some nearby info that you may have on hand in Blazemark:

Jon Kern, Blazemark Product Owner

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