You may wonder:

  • How can I move the GPS location slightly without changing the address?

  • How can I add a Hydrant / Draft Water Supply with no street address?

  • How can I add shutoffs and access locations on the map on a large building?

This article will help give you the information to get everything mapped out perfectly!

  • Addresses and GPS In Brief

  • What Drives the Map Marker

  • How to Fine Tune the GPS Location

  • Understanding the Magic of "Geocoding"

Addresses and GPS In Brief

After you enter a street address and press Tab or click anywhere out of the address field, you will notice we "magically" compute the GPS lat/lon that corresponds to the street address. (The technical term is called "geocoding.") In general, this is a fairly accurate location for most purposes.

However, sometimes you need to be more precise

What Drives the Map Marker

The default location of a marker on the map is driven by latitude and longitude. In general, it starts off with a GPS location based on the street address, as shown below.

But sometimes the actual GPS location that you want to show is not the same as the formal street address.

How to Fine Tune the GPS Location

In these cases, 

  1. Zoom in on the map as needed. 

  2. Turn on "Satellite" mode if it helps. 

  3. If available, "Street View" can sometimes get you even more information for precise location

  4. Check the "Disable continuous geocoding" checkbox

  5. Now try "dragging" the map pin to the desired location (click and hold with your mouse pointer). 

You can see the marker has been dragged to the new location by hand and the lat/lon was "automagically" updated:

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