It's easy to help correct spelling mistakes with modern browsers and phones.

Ensuring your preplans are as professional-looking as possible is a good thing. Typos are a bad thing that are easily thwarted.

All modern web browsers support Spell Check -- and some even offer advanced extensions that you can add if you want an even better experience with spell check.

Once enabled, your browser will show typos in text input fields when you are editing. Typically as a red squiggly line underneath the offending misspelled word.

To be sure your Chrome browser (or Firefox) is set up correctly, simply look to make the changes in the Preferences or Settings section. Google "how do I configure Chrome for spell check" if you are having issues. (That will ensure you get the latest info, as browsers are continually evolving and any step-by-step advice we offer could easily be out of date next month!)

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