It is critical to understand that using a browser-based web application like Blazemark is not like using a desktop app (e.g., Microsoft Word). You cannot leave partial work unsaved or you will lose those edits!

In other words, if you are entering data in a form and get interrupted, save the partial entry before leaving your computer. (Get out of edit mode and save your work!)

So, here is what you need to do:

  • Work in complete, small steps so that being distracted has minimal impact (you will only lose a little bit of work if you forget to save)

  • Save frequently if you are worried about being distracted

  • When you come back to the system after being distracted, refresh your browser so you are certain that you are still logged in.

You can also control how long your sessions last before you are automatically logged off due to inactivity:  Timeout Explained

PRO TIP: If you are prone to gaps in actively using the Blazemark app; or prone to distractions, you must save your work frequently or increase your idle timeout setting.

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