Blazemark is a cloud-based application that needs nothing more than an Internet connection and a modern web browser.



Blazemark will run on:

  • PC or a Mac desktop (or Linux, for that matter)
  • Tablets (e.g., iPad, Galaxy Note, Windows RT Tablet, etc.)
  • Mobile phones (Android, iPhone, etc.)

Additionally, you will need to be able to view PDF files should you choose to print out preplan documents.

As of February 2019, our new Photo Editor enhancements makes it difficult to provide the best experience on IE 11. You can freely use Chrome, or upgrade to the Edge browser.

  • Internet Explorer 11 -- no longer supported because Microsoft is only doing bare minimum security patches, as it nears "end of life."

Microsoft's Edge browser took the "radical" approach to align to the modern web standards that Chrome, Safari, Firefox have been following for quite some time.

Gone will be the days of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browsers causing headaches because they chose to NOT follow the standard that everybody else follows.

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