Many of the NFPA Standards are increasingly pointing to NFPA 1620, the Standard for Pre-Incident Planning, including NFPA 3000 (Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program) standard. 

We have found Blazemark to be very useful to all first responders; e.g., Police (PD), Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Fire (FD). The software has already been used in an active shooter incident (fortunately school was out). We also have a partner here who is chair of NFPA 1620, so we are following all of the relevant standards very closely.

I have been sending NFPA 3000 out to many of our law enforcement and school clients as it serves as a great bridge between emergency services and -- with 1620 and Blazemark -- it really fits the upfront planning needs. What happens after a disaster is part of the planning process.

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