Timeout Explained:

Once you login to Blazemark, you begin what is termed a "session" in geek speak. Ideally, when you are done using Blazemark, you should log out to ensure no unauthorized access occurs.

However, as a further means of securing your Blazemark data, the system will automatically log off sessions that are inactive.

Under your user settings, you can control the timeout duration of inactive sessions to balance usefulness against security risk.

How Timeout Due to Inactivity Works

For security reasons, if you leave your computer idle and stop using Blazemark, the system will automatically log you out after the designated timeout length has passed. This will prevent another user (or you!) from accessing your preplan data at your computer without first logging in. Again, this is for security reasons. 

Once the session has "timed out" due to inactivity, you will be required to sign in again to resume working.

Let's assume you set the timeout to 30 minutes

  • You login to Blazemark

  • Work for 15 minutes, adding some info to a preplan, or just browsing

  • You chat with a colleague for 15 minutes at the coffee mess

  • Then you return to your desk and work a bit more with Blazemark

  • Then you get an important phone call from the Boss

  • You are on the phone for 45 minutes (!)

  • You turn back to Blazemark and resume what you were doing

  • BOOM

  • The system informs you that your 30-minute session has expired

  • Now you need to login again


Don't say we did not warn you.
If you are in the middle of entering or editing data, be sure to save before leaving Blazemark idle, or else your unsaved work will likely be lost if your session times out.

What Should Timeout be Set to?

It is a balancing act that only you can answer. If the system were as critical as online banking, the allowable timeout should very short.

Normal Author/User Logins

For normal use around the office, we suggest 60 minutes.

Set it too short, and the system is almost unusable.

Set it too long, and someone else could sit down at your "idle" computer and start using your session if you otherwise do not have secure computer habits.

Apparatus Logins

For a user login for the terminals mounted in apparatus (the fire truck or EMS Ambulance), maybe you are confident that physical access is highly controlled, and that during a response that could last hours, you want to set an extremely LONG timeout. 

You can set your user timeout for a 24 hour shift as 1,440 minutes!

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