This article provides a quick overview (sitemap) of the backend used by SaaS Admins.
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Managing your Integration Hub
How to create integration templates

Please note: SaaS Admin features are not available in free trial accounts. Please contact us to have your account upgraded to a SaaS Admin account.

Backend Home

Manage your customers

  • Edit account
  • Login to account
  • View Blends (integrations) and Data sources from the account

Manage your integration templates

Manage your Hub / Market place (embedding)

  • General: name, logo of the Hub etc.
  • Features: which features to enable in the Hub (e.g. menu items)
  • Customize: custom HTML & CSS
  • Connectors: which connectors to show (default: all)
  • Categories: categories for templates (integrations) in the Hub
  • How to embed: how to embed using e.g. iframe and SSO in your own SaaS UI

Edit one template or blend

  • Last run: output from current or last run
  • History: list of all runs (jobs), per job:
           Retry button (only for webhooks)
           View button:
                 Output: actual output of the blend from this job/run
                 Debug: detailed input/output of each block in the Blend
                 Error: last error
  • Schedule
  • Settings: description, icon, template yes/no, live/hidden (for templates) etc. 
  • Categories (only for templates): where to show the template in the Hub
  • Persisted inputs (only for blends): inputs entered in Setup or Settings wizard

View your own blends (blends for internal usage)

View your own data sources (connected cloud applications)

View your own account

  • Company & personal details
  • Users: internal users (Admins and normal Users)
  • License
  • API: your API key

My data stores

My data compliance (GDPR data register)

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