As a SaaS partner of, you can send logs of integration runs (jobs) from all your customers to a third party logging platform of your choice, in order to visualize all runs in dashboards, escalate errors etc.

You can build a scheduled Blend in your SaaS Admin account, that runs e.g. every 30 seconds and sends finished jobs to your logging platform incrementally.

You need to use the SaaS API to retrieve jobs. This API is also available as a Connector called "SaaS admin", which means you can use it directly in a Blend.

See the template "All jobs to Datadog" for an example that uses Datadog as logging platform.

Here's a simple example of a Blend that sends jobs to Datadog:

Once the jobs are synced to Datadog, you can build dashboards for visualisation, add metrics (e.g. for custom billing) and configure monitoring and alerts.

Example dashboard:

Are you using another logging platform for which does not have a connector ? Contact us and request a new connector.

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