These release notes only include major new features. Minor features, improvements, bug fixing and usability improvements are not included in this list.

Q3 2019

Tags (labels)

You can now assign tags (labels) to Blends so group them and to filter the view on the home screen.

FTP/SFTP connector improvements

Major performance improvement on our FTP/SFTP connectors supporting very large files.

SSO: support for JWT web tokens

Support for JWT web tokens was added in the SSO flow for SaaS embedding.

Webhooks with input parameters

Webhooks that require inputs during setup can now be automatically created from within Blends.

Recent Blend runs overview

We now show recent Blend runs (jobs) on the homepage, e.g. recent failed jobs, recent completed jobs etc.

Improved email notifications on completed jobs (Blend runs)

We now have more options to receive email notifications on job completion. 

Q2 2019

API for SaaS partners: more endpoints

Many new endpoints were added to our API for SaaS partners to manage customers, templates, integrations and jobs (runs).

Webhooks processed in batch

Webhooks are now processed in batch inside a job so that large amounts of incoming webhooks can be processed efficiently within one run (job) of the triggered Blend.

New developer portal

New developer portal is published under


An integration template can now be created by combining multiple Blends. This is called a Bundle. Benefits: re-use Blends in multiple templates, combine triggered and scheduled Blends in one template, and combine Blends with different schedules in one template (e.g. incremental sync every 30 seconds + daily fully sync).

SSO: support for oAuth2 silent flows supports various SSO (single sign on) embedding scenario's, a silent oAuth2 flow is now also available (using e.g. Auth0 as authentication provider).

Updated layout of Blend editor

Various improvements to the layout and navigation of the Blend editor.

Q1 2019

Visual formula editor

Formula's (transformations) on field mappings can now be added and edited using a visual editor. Power users can still use the "raw" mode to edit formula's in the Blend editor.

Rerun of Webhook jobs

Ability to to run a job once again when it was triggered using an incoming webhook.

Separate Settings flow

Blends now have a normal "Start" flow, a one-time "Setup" flow, and a "Settings" flow that will be executed when end-users click the Settings button of an integration in your Hub.

Compare objects & Redirect block

New blocks are available in the Blend editor:

  • Compare objects
  • Redirect
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