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Treasure Hunt is a unique game inside the Blidz app, with up to $10K in weekly prizes. In Treasure Hunt, a top-quality prize (smartphones, TVs, laptops) is hidden inside one of the Treasure boxes. As a player, you will need to acquire Keys to unlock these boxes. The most common way to gain more Keys is to invite more friends to join in the fun!

If you manage to find the prize inside one of the Treasure boxes, you can redeem it for completely free!

In this part 1, you will learn all the important elements visible inside the Treasure Hunt view.


The Treasure Hunt view

The Treasure Hunt view contains all the important information for you to succeed in winning the prize. Here’s an overview.

  • The name of the item prize: This is the product that you can get for free if you win the Treasure Hunt.

  • Super Coupon: a direct discount that you can use to immediately purchase the item featured in the Treasure Hunt.

  • Leaderboard: a list of top 20 best users, ranked by the number of Treasure boxes opened.

  • Treasure list: the prize is hidden in one of the Treasure boxes here. Just tap the box to open it with your Key.

  • Number of Keys: it shows how many Keys you currently have

  • "Buy Key" button: tap this to buy +1 Key immediately. Note: this costs Blidz Points.

  • Share & get more Keys” button: tap this to share your link. For each person who downloads Blidz via your link, you get +1 Key.



Frequently asked questions

You can view a list of common questions and answers about Treasure Hunt in our FAQ.

If you still have further questions, please feel free to contact our support team via the in-app support button - we’re here to help.

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