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Winning the Treasure Hunt’s top prizes
Winning the Treasure Hunt’s top prizes
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Treasure Hunt is a unique game inside the Blidz app, with up to $10K in weekly prizes. In Treasure Hunt, a top-quality prize (smartphones, TVs, laptops) is hidden inside one of the Treasure boxes. As a player, you will need to acquire Keys to unlock these boxes. The most common way to gain more Keys is to invite more friends to join in the fun!

If you manage to find the prize inside one of the Treasure boxes, you can redeem it for completely free!

In this part, you will learn the details of winning the Treasure Hunt's top prizes.


Winning the Treasure Hunt's top prizes

For each Treasure Hunt, there are always two top prizes available:

  • Treasure Hunt prize (always available): hidden inside one of the Treasure boxes. Gain more Keys and unlock more boxes to find it.

  • Best Hunter prize (available after enough users join the Hunt): reserved for the #1 hunter in the Leaderboard when the time limit ends. Your position in the Leaderboard is based on how many Treasure boxes you have opened so far. For some Treasure Hunts, you need to reach a certain number of opened Treasure to be eligible for this prize.

In essence, opening more Treasure boxes is the surefire way to progress your winning chance for both of the prizes.

If you unlock the Treasure Hunt prize from a Treasure box, you can redeem your prize immediately for free.

As for the Best Hunter prize, the winner is only determined when the time or participation limit is reached and the subsequent pre-drawing stage is concluded. The user in the #1 position in the Leaderboard will then win the top prize and can redeem it for free.

Note: you can only win one prize per Treasure Hunt. So, if you already win the Treasure Hunt prize from the Treasure boxes, you won’t be able to to win the Best Hunter prize.



Frequently asked questions

You can view a list of common questions and answers about Treasure Hunt in our FAQ.

If you still have further questions, please feel free to contact our support team via the in-app support button - we’re here to help.

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