At Blidz, we combine traditional online shopping with gamified shopping. In total, we have four different types of exciting deals:

  1. Duo Deals: The primary way of shopping at Blidz. You can buy a deal together with your friend to get the best price guaranteed in the market. Check out exactly how the DuoDeal works here.

  2. Deal Freeze: Deal Freeze is a shopping game where the deal price jumps up and down allowing for massive discounts. You can use Blidz Points to freeze the price at an opportune moment to guarantee you a huge discount. Check out how Deal Freeze works.

  3. Flash Sale: Flash Sale allows you to exchange your Blidz Points for real-world products. The more points you have the better products you can get with them. Check for more information regarding Flash Sale.

  4. Treasure Hunt: In the Treasure Hunt game, you can win up to $10k in top-quality prizes (smartphones, TVs, laptops) every week. Prizes are hidden inside the Treasure boxes. As a player, you acquire keys to unlock treasures. You can invite your friends to get more Keys. If you manage to find the prize inside the Treasure boxes, you can redeem them for free! Check more information regarding Treasure Hunt.

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