The Duo Deal is a unique concept we invented to spice up the traditional deal-hunting shopping experience. In our Duo Deals, you can buy a product with a much cheaper price (best price anywhere guaranteed) if you simply invite a friend to buy that product together with you.

When you host a Duo Deal checkout, you are presented with your unique invite link that you can share to anyone, anywhere. If your friend buys the product together with you using your invite link, both of your orders are then processed at the discounted Duo Deal price.

For example, a shirt you really like has a price of $10. You can buy it alone for $10, but if you buy with a friend, you can get it for just $1! Simply host the Duo Deal, get a friend to buy the shirt together using your invite link, then both of you can grab this shirt for just $1 each. Awesome!

For more details and guidance, please refer to the official Duo Deal guide.

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