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What is a Team Buy?
What is a Team Buy?
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Team Buys are a revolutionary way we've developed to help our customers get the absolute lowest prices for products. This innovative concept is part of our commitment to empowering you, the consumer. We want to replace the traditional shopping experience and offer you unbeatable value.

In Team Buys, you and a friend can purchase a product together at an incredibly discounted price (best price anywhere guaranteed!)
That's right, you just need 1 other person to form a team!
Here's how it works:

  1. Host a Team Buy: When you choose to create a Team Buy for a product, you'll be presented with a unique invite link.

  2. Invite a Friend: Share this invite link with anyone, anywhere. Friends, family, or even fellow bargain-hunters can be part of your Team Buy.

  3. Complete the Purchase: If your friend joins the Team Buy using your invite link, both of your orders are processed at the discounted Team Buy price.

For example, a gadget you really want is priced at $10. You can buy it alone for $10, but through a Team Buy, you could snag it for just $1! Simply host the Team Buy, get a friend to join using your invite link, and both of you can enjoy this amazing item for only $1 each.

Team Buys are designed to create a fun and communal shopping experience, making it possible for us to offer products at the absolute lowest price for our consumers. It's not just about shopping; it's about sharing, connecting, and saving together.

For more details and guidance on how to make the most of Team Buys, please refer to the official Team Buy guide.

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