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What does it mean to join a Team Buy?
What does it mean to join a Team Buy?
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A. To join a Team Buy with a friend by invitation:

When a user hosts a Team Buy, they will receive a Team Buy sharing link. Simply tap on this link to view the Team Buy invite. To secure the deal, click or tap on “Continue in Blidz” to view and purchase the deal within the Blidz application. Once you finalize your purchase at the discounted rate, the host user will also enjoy the same favorable price. For a detailed walkthrough on completing your purchase, please consult our purchase instructions found here.

B. To join a public Team Buy with another buyer:

Whenever a user initiates a Team Buy, their name appears on a list of available Team Buys in the deal’s details view.

You can effortlessly tap 'Join' to view their Team Buy and accept the invitation. After that, you can purchase the deal at the specially reduced Team Buy rate. Once your checkout is done, the user who initiated the Team Buy will also get to relish in the same cost savings, all because of your participation!

For a more comprehensive look into the process and its intricacies, please dive into our official Team Buy guide.

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