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What counts as a successful Team Buy?
What counts as a successful Team Buy?
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In the context of the Team Buy feature, success is defined by the completion of a specific set of actions. When an individual initiates or hosts a Team Buy, they begin the process by purchasing an item at the special Team Buy price. This, however, only marks the start.

For the Team Buy to be officially deemed successful:

  1. The host user must successfully share their Team Buy invite.

  2. Another user must accept this invite and opt to buy the product alongside the host.

  3. Crucially, the Team Buy isn't just about intention or viewing an invite. The second participant must follow through by completing the checkout process within the stipulated time frame.

It's important to note that merely viewing the host’s Team Buy invite does not contribute to the deal's success. The commitment of both participants in finalizing their purchases is essential (i.e. both users must purchase the product).

For an extensive understanding of the nuances and other related queries, please explore the official Team Buy guide.

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