Currently you can obtain Blidz Cash by the following methods:

  • Purchase from Blidz Cash shop: Users can acquire Blidz Cash by depositing their real-world money. We offer Blidz cash at a quantity discount. Depositing real-world money is refundable Blidz Cash. Bonus Blidz Cash earned for free is non-refundable.

  • Refund from failed Duo Deals: If a user fails to find a user to complete the Duo Deals, their money spent on the checkout will automatically be refunded as refundable Blidz Cash. More information regarding our Refund Policy can be found here. [LINK: Refund section]

  • Refunds from product transactions: In certain cases where users request a refund or we need to refund users, we will refund into Blidz Cash so users can use the refund immediately.

  • Referrals and other gamified rewards: We will keep our users informed about new games and promotions available for Blidz Cash gain.

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