Blidz Cash has different expiration date depending on how they were acquired.

  • Paid Blidz Cash: expires in 6 months after acquisition. Paid Blidz Cash is Blidz Cash purchased from the Shop or acquired as a refund from failed Duo Deals.

  • Reward Blidz Cash: expires in 7 days after acquisition. Reward Blidz Cash is Blidz Cash received from promotional channels (calendar rewards, Mystery Boxes, Treasure Hunt, cashback programs, etc.).

In addition, Paid Blidz Cash turns into Reward Blidz Cash if they are used as a discount in an order and later refunded. For example, if you use $5 Blidz Cash as a discount for an order, if the order is fully refunded, the Blidz Cash refunded to you is Reward Blidz Cash and will expire in the next 7 days.

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