1. Find the usage license builder by clicking into your job and looking on the right hand side of the job window. There is a tab called “Terms”. Click on the terms tab < Usage License < Build License. 

Usage license builder window in the job will look like this:

If you use the Usage License Builder, the usage license will be entered into our Usage License Tracker. This will help you keep track of active licenses and will also tag expired licenses so you know when to renew.

  1. If you want to input your custom usage license information in settings so that you can import it directly into each job in your personality, you can do that too.  

While inside the job, you can then choose “Free Form.” You can click on "Import default text from personality" and the field will automatically propogate the information saved in settings or you can enter your own free form text for that particular job. 

If you prefer to do manual usage licenses, do the following:

Past the text below in Free Form field and click save.

This license is strictly limited to the terms and conditions below, and governed by the Copyright laws of the United States, as specified in Title 17 of the United States Code:

Licensee: {{client_name}}
Licensor: {{personality business name}}

Also, you can put default text like Exclusive for the Exclusivity line and save it for future use.

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