Go to your Settings > Terms section. Click the Use Default Text button to get started. If the terms that BlinkBid offers work for you, you can click Save and move on. Or you’re free to edit the text to your liking. The Use Default Text button is merely a solid suggestion that’s ready to be used to edited.

The Estimate and Invoice terms section also supports merge tags. You can read more about those here.

The Estimate and Invoice contract terms set in Settings will automatically populate into every new job within your personality as they are in Settings. In other words, you will not need to select "Import From Personality" when you create a new job. Duplicate jobs are the exception and will not automatically fill in you terms to avoid accidental sharing of data from one job to the next. So, if you're duplicating a job OR editing your Estimate and Invoice Terms to an existing job in Settings, you will need to click "Import From Personality" within the job window to append changes.

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