In BlinkBid Online, there are two sections that can occasionally get confused: Terms vs Terms and Conditions.

Estimate and Invoice Terms

Estimate Terms tell your client that there are a few conditions for you to move forward with your bid. For example, if the client kills the job the day before it starts, it’s not a free ride. Also, the length of time that bid price that you’ve created is good for.

Invoice Terms tell your client that it was a great time on the set, but now it’s time to settle up. Here, you define how many days until the invoice is due and what happens if the invoice is late.

Terms & Conditions (T and Cs)

This long set of legal definitions will protect you and annoy your client. It defines what happens if a shoot day is postponed because of weather or other acts of God. It defines the terms around reshoots, payments, etc. The terms and conditions in BlinkBid are designed to be static. In contains merg tags like:

  • {{personality business name}} = personality business name
  • {{your_name}} = personality name
  • {{job_number}} = job number
  • {{client_name}} = contact first name contact last name

When you import the T&Cs into a job, those tags will convert to the corresponding information associated with the job and the personality.

Click here for a video tutorial.

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