Here’s a Quick Start Guide to get you going on your first estimate. Make sure to also check out our video tutorial for more information about building a basic estimate. 

From your dashboard, click on “New Job”.

This will open up a window in which you can create the job name, number, and assign the primary contact. If your contact isn’t already listed, go ahead and click “Add New Contact”.

Once you’ve entered all the information, click “Create”.

You will now find your new job is open in your “Estimate” window.

At the top of your page are listed the tabs: My Job, Address Book, Reports, and Settings. In the right-hand top corner you will see your name and what personality you are currently using. You can read more about personalities here.

The next thing you will want to do is add catalogue items to your job. Click the blue + button as seen in this screenshot.

Clicking this button will reveal your item catalog. Here you can go through your catalog and add items for your job. Visually go through your shoot and add any item that you need to bill to your client.

If you don’t see an item you need, you can add line items and categories on the fly or you can scroll to the bottom and select “Click for More Items” and more options will appear.

Once you’ve added all the items to your job, go ahead and close out by clicking the “X”:

Now it’s time to add prices and edit titles (as needed).

Click on any item and it will open up for you to edit, make adjustments, and add prices. You have options to add Qty, Time, Type of Time, and Price. You do not have to fill in all the details and can just add price if you want. The options are completely up to you. Once you’ve entered the information you want, click the orange “Save” button.

Notice that if you click on the bottom gray bar, you will see a nice summary of your estimate:

A cool feature about creating an estimate is that you can create multiple revisions pending various options you may or may not need to bill. To create a different revision of your estimate, click the “Estimate Revision” button:

Here you can play with items you do or do not need. You can go back and see the previous revisions. To make a revision active, click on it and click “Activate”.

When you are ready with your estimate, click on what I call the “Hamburger”.

Once you click on the Hamburger, select “Print Estimate”.

Now you can select options for your estimate such as Itemized, Terms & Conditions, and Talent fees. Finally, here’s where you can choose to add your logo.

Once you are satisfied, click the “Print” button and a PDF file will open.

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