When you initially create a BlinkBid personality, the software will prompt you to assign an item catalog specific to the type of work that you do.

In Settings < Item Catalog, you will be able to customize your item catalog. Start by choosing which catalog you want to use as a backbone to start with. 

If you choose to “Change Catalog” note the red warning as pictured that states that switching between catalogs in a personality erases saved changes to that item catalog, because in theory, each BlinkBid personality is designed to have one item catalog. If you need to switch catalogs for any reason, we recommend that you make a new personality to be associated with the different item catalog to prevent losing any changes to your work.

You can add new categories on the left by clicking on “Add Category” and edit already existing category titles by clicking on the category title you want to edit.

To add line items in a category click on the small blue plus next to the category title or the category title itself. 

To edit already existing line items, simply click on the line item. You can enter rates and markup percentages to be attached to a specific line item. They will be automatically entered when the line item is chosen inside the job. 

Once you add and save your new items, they will appear in your line items list within the job.

With that said, you can make slight changes to your item catalog as needed without affecting your Settings Catalog.

To add a line item on the fly, just click on the Category you would like the line item to appear in and a pop-up window will prompt you to enter a new Line Item.

You have the option to “Add to Item Catalog.” If you leave this option unchecked, it will just add the line item to the current job. If you check this, it will add this item to the Settings item catalog for future use.

 You can also edit a Category name within a job. While in the job window,  you can Shift + Click on the Category name you want to edit. A pop up window will appear allowing you to “Edit Line Item Category.”

Note: This will only change the category name for the current job unless you check the box to “add to item catalog” in Settings.

To watch a detailed video tutorial on adding line items and categories, please click here.

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