How to upload, add, or change your Logo and Signature Image

1. On your dashboard, go to “Manage Personalities”:

2. Go to a Personality without a Logo/Signature uploaded:

3. Click “Choose File” and navigate to your file from your computer. Do this for both the logo and your signature file (if you have one).

4. Once your images are uploaded, go ahead and hit save:

Logos can be uploaded as JPG, GIF, or PNG images with a recommended size of at least 1200px. You can either edit the logo size before you upload it to your personality, or you can go into your personality Settings > Document Appearance > Layout Options and perform adjustments to your logo size, position, and other document parameters. If your logo is still not the desired size after going through these steps, try editing the logo size with Adobe before uploading. To do this, make a correctly sized blank field for how big you want it to be and lay your logo on top. Make sure it's at least 1200px.

To make sure that your logo appears in your document when you go to print, you must choose to append the logo in the print options window by checking the blue box:

Click here for the video tutorial.

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