Custom label text gives you the option to add fields into your Job Info section. To make custom labels, go to Settings > Document Appearance > Label & Section Text. See pic below.

1.Click the orange “Add button".

2. Enter your custom field name and choose where you would like it to appear on the printed document.

3. Click the blue “Save Label Text” button.

When you make a new custom field label text in settings, the new field(s) will appear in ALL subsequent and duplicated jobs you create in that personality and not in jobs that are already created. This was the only way we could allow people to make as many custom fields as they desired. For the custom label to appear, duplicate the job. Custom labels will only appear on printed documents IF there is text inside the field inside the job.

Please follow this link to our video tutorial on duplicating jobs to help you.  

If you do not want or need every job to have the same custom label text, we suggest adding the information to the job description instead. 

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