BlinkBid has a powerful job numbering system that adapts to any workflow. Each time you create a new job, BlinkBid assigns it a job number. The value for the number can be set in the Settings > Document Appearance section. By default this number will be used on all your documents from Estimate to Advance Invoice to Invoice. The Prefix and Suffix fields hold static text that will be used in conjunction with the next job number. The job number increments each time a new job is created.

We also support using separate invoice numbers. This feature is turned off by default. When activated BlinkBid will print the next invoice number along with the optional suffix and prefix on your Invoices. The next invoice number increments under the following conditions.

  • when you transfer the job from Estimate to Invoice.
  • when you transfer the job from Production to Invoice.
  • when you click on the hash symbol next to the invoice number field for those times that you are just printing out a quick invoice for a client. (see image below.) this number will remain cinstant even if you overwrite the invoice from the estimate.

The logic behind this feature is that you may create more estimates than invoices as you compete for jobs. The separate invoice number field allows users to keep a sequential set of invoice numbers. This feature also comes in handy if you submit an advance invoice, which uses the job number, and your client needs a separate number for the final invoice.

More details can be found at the link by clicking HERE.

Job number including separate invoice number ON:

Only Job Number (Invoice Number OFF):

If you want to set an invoice number at the job level, go ahead and click on the blue highlighted “#” symbol next to the invoice number field as circled below. You can also turn it off by clicking the “#” again.

BlinkBid also supports a global job numbering feature which means you can set up your account so the Job numbers count consequentially across several or all personalities. For more information about this, visit the help page.

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