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Advanced Line Item Options

Adding Pension and Welfare, Private Memos and Markup% to specific line items.

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One of the considerations of the future of the photo industry is Pension & Welfare for crew members.

Historically, this hasn’t been on the radar within the photo industry. States are now requiring and enforcing Pension & Welfare for photo productions. This tax liability used to be reserved for productions like TV, Commercials, and feature films.

BlinkBid has you covered for each job you need to add Pension & Welfare.

When you click on a line item and open the advanced dialog, you can click on the Pension & Welfare check box:

Notice you can also apply tax to specific line items. Unless you are one of a handful of US States that require individual line items taxed, you can disregard that line.

Take a look at the private memo box.

This is for private notes that only you and those you share the job with can see.

You can also click on the markup% which will open up a reverse calculator that will allow you to input a value and the system will calculate the percent for you.

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