The “Add Adjustment” function in the production window can be used if a line items goes over the approved budget because the total amount on receipts exceeds the total amount allocated for that line item. The feature allows you to move money from one line item to another line item to balance things out.

For example, if you are over budget on gear rentals and under budget on wardrobe, you can take money from the wardrobe line to balance out the gear rental line:

In this case, I moved $800 from my wardrobe line item to cover my rentals line item receipt that exceeded my original estimate budget. The adjusted amount will appear in the “adj” column in the line item from which you transferred funds (-$800 in wardrobe).

Adjustments can be reclaimed if need be. Simply click on the adjustment, input the amount to be reclaimed, and select the red “Reclaim” button. Depending on how much you reclaim, that number will then be transferred back to the original line item.

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