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Dates on the Report
Dates on the Report

Reports operate under the accrual method, meaning they use the invoice issue date.

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Reports generated by BlinkBid currently operate under the accrual method. That means that invoices queried for a specific report are based on the date of issue (in other words, invoices that have a "date"). We are well aware that some of our clients use a cash accounting method so we have also built a Cash Received Report which uses the date of payment. 

For the accrual method...

On the P&L report you can see a column that shows the amounts "Received". Those amounts correlate with a cash accounting method for revenue. If you are looking for a report that allows you to calculate income taxes over what you actually received, for example, then the P&L report could help you (assuming that all received amounts are related to jobs that have already an invoice issued, which usually is the case).

Another option would be if your need is to determine the amount of Sales Taxes that are due under a cash accounting method. You can go to the jobs that have invoices issued but have not yet been received and "delete" the date on the invoice (leave it blank). That would make that particular invoice disappear from the Sales Tax Report. In order not to loose the information on the date of the invoice you could add that to the "Invoice number".

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