Your tax rates that are saved in the settings section will automatically import to each new job. It will not change the tax preferences on any existing jobs. 

 That said you can also set the tax per job. In the job window, there is a financial tab on the right. In this menu, you can choose to apply the tax to the "Job Subtotal" or to "Individual Line Item(s)." 

If you choose to apply the tax to the subtotal, then it doesn't matter what items you check as "taxable," it will still apply the tax to the whole subtotal. If you choose to tax at the individual line item level, then you can choose which items you would like to be taxable in the line item advanced settings. 

You can also change the applied tax for the job by editing the tax rates directly.

If you would like to turn off the tax for a job, simply set the tax rates inside the job to 0.

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