BlinkBid gives you the ability to add markup to every line item in a category.

While inside the estimate window, go to the hamburger menu, and choose "Markup by Category."

A pop up will appear, allowing you to name the grouped markup and enter a markup percentage.

Click on the categories you would like to markup and press "Save." You can add multiple markups to any categories, but once a category has been tagged for a markup it will grey out, and cannot be used for further markups.

The markups will be housed on the right, where you can edit and delete at any time.

You can also manage the markup by going to the Financials < Markup tab on the right side of the window.

You have the option to markup a line item (which is hidden), the entire job (which is referred to as the Job Markup), or a category within a job. 

You cannot have a job markup and a markup on a category occur simultaneously. The system will prompt you to turn one of them off if you are trying to access another.

The category markup is separate for the estimate, each revision, and the invoice. If you change the category markup for one revision, it will not change the category markup for all revisions.

However, if you delete the job markup in the ESTIMATE, it will remove job markup from the estimate, every estimate revision, and the invoice.

If you delete the job markup in the INVOICE, it will remove the job markup from only the invoice. 

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