BlinkBid allows you to send an invoice with a "Pay Now" button so your client can conveniently pay you via credit card. Print an invoice as a PDF or send it via email and get paid quickly via Online Payment. Here are the steps to follow:

A - Set Up Online Payment

B - How to include Online Payment on an Invoice

A - Set Up Online Payment

1 - Go to My Account >> Online Payments >> Start Online Payments

2 - Once you click on the Start Online Payments button you will be redirected to the Stripe website. Stripe is BlinkBid's partner on the online payment feature, you can learn more about Stripe here. And don't worry, there are NO EXTRA FEES when you use Stripe via BlinkBid (only the fees that Stripe charges).

3 - Follow the instructions on how to set up your Stripe account (or connect one that you already have).

4 - Once you are done with the Stripe set up (or connection) you will be redirected back to your BlinkBid account.

5 - Make sure you have selected the Personalities in which you wish to have Online Payments active.

6 - You can also edit the name of your payment account on BlinkBid.

B - How to include ONLINE PAYMENT in an INVOICE

1 - Go to the job invoice. Click on the hamburger menu then choose print or email invoice. Both will give you the option to include a "Pay Now" button on your invoice.

2 - Make sure you select your Stripe account under the Payment Online dropdown option.

3 - You have the option to PREVIEW the invoice before issuing or emailing it.

4 - Once you are satisfied with the preview of the invoice click "PRINT" (for PDF) or "CONTINUE" if you are emailing it. The final invoice will have a "Pay Now" button that your client will be able to click and quickly pay you via credit card.

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