According to Stripe restrictions, there can only be one active payment link at a time. If you create another invoice, the previous Stripe link will appear as "Void". This extends to invoices created using the "Print Invoice" feature or invoices sent internally through BlinkBid.

Inside your Stripe account, the old payment will appear as "Cancelled" and the new active payment link will appear as "Incomplete."

If your client lost/misplaced the invoice that was sent internally through BlinkBid and you want to keep the past invoice date as is, click and download the invoice document from the Sent Estimates/Invoices tab under the My Jobs List, and attach it in an email.

If you want to create another payment link reflecting a new date, go to that invoice module of the job, change the date, and resend the invoice from inside the job.

You can access the job with the active payment link by going to to the "Email Invoice" feature for that job, which will show you the Send History: the active job with a clickable link (on top) and the voided link (below).

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