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Universal Bid Form and The BlinkBid Standard top sheet.
Universal Bid Form and The BlinkBid Standard top sheet.

Align your job with AMA standards.

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The Universal Bid Form (UBF) is the new standard for business communication for production. Created in collaboration with the Artist Management Association (AMA), the UBF is a common template developed after more than 2 years of research and conversations with producers and representatives across the photo/motion world.

The UBF is a specific arrangement of line items and categories for better recognition and faster comprehension by others in the industry.

The Universal Bid Form is available as a default option in the sign-up process.

It is also available at anytime inside BlinkBid's default item catalogs in Settings.

When you go to print your document, you have the option to print your document in "BlinkBid standard," to standardize the format of your bid.

BlinkBid also supplies a set of Terms and Conditions that align with AMA standards. Once you have them saved in your Settings < Terms < Terms and Conditions field, you can choose to append them to your documents when you go to print.

As always, everything is fully customizable, so you can use AMA as a default to build upon to achieve exactly what you need.

For more information, please watch our tutorial video and as always contact us if you have any questions.

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