If you know that you will not be receiving an owed balance on a job and wish to remove it from your past due invoices list, we currently do not have a specific accounting method to handle debt balances. You can archive a job that you no longer need to see in your My Jobs section by going into the job, clicking the hamburger menu, and selecting “archive job” (archiving a job is not the same thing as deleting and you can undo an archive at any time). If you archive the job, it will no longer appear in the past due invoice report. 

Under My Jobs, BlinkBid has an Invoices Due filter that gives you a list of all your jobs that have outstanding balances, with their totals, and the age of the invoice.

Note: We noticed in the industry, invoices tended to be due upon receipt; therefore our reporting system begins counting the day after the printable document was generated.

There is also an Account ReceivableReport. After you input the bookend dates between which you are looking to account for, this report will generate a list with how many outstanding invoices from each of your personalities and the outstanding balance for each job.

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