If you need to invoice clients for the same items on a repeating basis — such as monthly — then recurring invoices are for you. To create one, click on the Recurring tab, then hit New Template. Give your template a name and complete the line items as you would for a normal invoice. Then, hit Save Invoice.

Next, you’ll want to associate one or more clients with the template. Click on Add new client and select from the pulldown menu that appears. If you need to add additional clients, you can do so, or hit the delete icon to remove one.

Set the schedule for invoicing these clients in the sidebar on the right. Select how often the invoice should go out (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or every certain number of days) and the date on which the invoicing schedule begins. Hit Set Schedule when you’re done.

When the time comes, Blinksale will create a new invoice from your template and send it to the clients you specified. What will you do with all that time you save?

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