Blinksale helpfully sorts your finished invoices into several categories—Open, Past Due and Closed. The most recent invoices in each category are always available to you under Blinksale’s Dashboard tab.

Open invoices are those bills which you’ve sent to clients but which have not yet come due. The recipients of these invoices still have some time left in which to pay your fees. Draft invoices, which you’ve put together but not yet sent, are also included in the Open category.

Past Due invoices are those bills whose recipients are late in paying. Blinksale will inform you just how late the client is with a ”# days” note next to the invoice date. If you configured the invoice to send reminders and assess late fees, then Blinksale is already taking care of all this for you. If you’d like to send a reminder manually, click on the invoice listing and then hit the “Send Reminder” button when it pops up.

Closed invoices are those bills which have been completely paid by your clients. This is where you want all your invoices to end up eventually. If you’ve got invoices here, you can go celebrate with an ice cream sandwich. Or, if you’re lactose-intolerant, just sit there basking in the blue-green glow of success.

The Dashboard tab will show you the five most recent invoices in each of the Open, Past Due and Closed categories. And the Invoices tab is where you can see every invoice you’ve ever created, regardless of its status.

There are several ways to single out a selection of invoices under this tab. If you’ve added tags to your invoices, you can enter any tag in the text field at the top to see invoices with that tag. You can click on a tag in the sidebar on the right. You can also specify whether you want to see All invoices, or only some combination of Drafts, Open, Past Due and Closed invoices. Finally you can specify what range of dates you’re interested in. Hit the Filter button at any time to update the results.

It’s also possible to search for multiple tags at the same time. Try using “tagname1+tagname2″ or “tagname1,tagname2″ in the input box. Using the plus sign (+) as a separator will pull only invoices with both tags, while using a comma will pull invoices with either/or.

Note that in every case you can click on an invoice’s listing to see that invoice in full and get access to the complete sidebar of available actions for that bill.

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