Sending a client an invoice for a partial payment or deposit with Blinksale is easy. Here's how we do it:

After creating a new invoice within Blinksale, simply give the invoice an invoice ID that reads "Deposit" or "Deposit 1234" where the "1234" is your actual invoice number. Then create your invoice as you normally would, only using the deposit value for your service price as opposed to the entire value of the service. Once you have completed this, simply save and send.

Then, when you have received the deposit payment from your client, use Blinksale's Receive Payment action to apply that payment to your invoice. Now, converting your deposit invoice to a final invoice is as simple as removing the word "Deposit" from your Invoice ID field, and adjusting your service price to reflect the full price of your services.

The deposit payment received from the client will remain applied to the invoice and will be reflected when you send the final invoice out. It's as simple as that.

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