To mark an invoice as paid, you record the payments you’ve received for it. First, you’ll need to locate the invoice under the Dashboard or Invoices tabs. Click on the invoice’s listing to see a sidebar of available actions for that bill. Click on Receive Payment.

The “Receive Payment” panel will slide open above the invoice and you’ll be able to fill in the Payment Amount, theDate you received it, the Payment Method, and a Reference Number (such as a check number, or whatever is relevant to the kind of payment you received).

Then, hit Receive Payment.

It’s possible to attach multiple payments to a single invoice. This is because a client may not pay you all at once, but do so in several installments. The process is the same for each payment. (Note: if you make a mistake, you can delete a payment by clicking the Delete link next to the payment’s listing under the invoice.)

When the total payments applied to the invoice meet the Total Due, the invoice is considered completely paid and moved to the Closed category. Congratulations! Next time the Girl Scouts come to your door, you’ll be well-equipped to plunk down for some Thin Mints.

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